You know the feeling. That shiver of energy that happens when something just *clicks.* An idea, a friendship, a touch, a value, a love. Synchronized or sudden, connection is a powerful heartbeat to a budding story.


I believe in the power of connection.

About Me

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playful + Joyful + raw

My Approach

The Experience page has all kinds of details you might be looking for. What a session entails, timelines, styling, the flow of a wedding day, investment costs, the whole bit!

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New Hampshire is my home where I live with my incredible family - Husband, son, and pet pup. They are the sparkliest sparkles that ever sparkled and I love them SO CRAZY MUCH!

My hands have always had a camera in them. As a little girl, it was disposables and pop's old 35mm Canon. Film. Two minutes to capture a roll, two weeks to see the results. I loved it. The experimentation, the light, the angles, the motion. Through the lens, I'd watch for signs of life and the negatives would tell me all about it. 

I take photographs to SEE - To come awake to the unfolding world around me. I take photographs to capture YOU! Your light, your story, your connection, your power, your spark. Because I believe that you, my friend, are straight up poetry.

I'm Krystina and I'm so glad you're here!

you sweet pup ...